Fitness Center

People are always looking for the sure-fire way to get into shape or take their fitness game up to the next level. It starts by making the effort to achieving your goal. Lifestyle Fitness 24/7 is a fitness center dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We offer a variety of fitness machines and equipment so you can mix up your physical fitness program and see the results you have been looking for.

If you are looking to tone muscles and relax at the same time come by and work out with us. We have a variety of hammer strength equipment and other workout machines to focus on toning muscle and are also great for building core strength.

If you like a more intense workout consider weight lifting or cardio training so you can beat your personal record. Our personal trainer can make sure your form is on point for optimal results.

Whatever you are looking for, our gym has it. So, call us today and sign up for one of our gym memberships at Lifestyle Fitness 24/7 in Vero Beach, FL today!